Responsive 3D Style Customized Facebook Like Box

There are lot’s of persons are creating website then they will create Facebook fan page for its users. But facebook page like box plugin provide us a facility by which we can add this own Facbook like box  in our website. But it has only a single CSS style which look is very common as like other FB like box. But the good news is that you’ll change this by the help of your CSS code.. Here i am creating a 3D box design . Let see how we can do this….


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Intro Firefox OS & APP Part 2

Hi,Today I am explaining the next part of Intro Firefox OS & APP. Here i’ll explain you some simple procedure by which you’ll create awesome & cool applications for Firefox OS. Firefox OS application are created by the help of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript as like Phonegap. Here i’ll use one another tool of firefox by which you will create your app,monitor your app and also you’ll see its working process etc.. Its tool name is Web IDE, APP-manager Tools…


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Intro Firefox OS & APP Part 1

Hi,Today I am representing a too innovative and awesome company Mobile OS (Operating System), yes you hear right today i representing new Mobile os Firefox OS. We know that Firefox is very popular browser which is developed by Mozilla and now mozilla developers develop a new os, which is first step of mozilla in mobile world. In this article/tut i am explaining you how you will install firefox os and create your own app for your own firefox os…. I’m accepting that in your device you have firefox browser, if you haven’t firefox os then you must need to install firefox browser latest edition, you will install this at FirefoxEDitionfirefox os

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Python WordPress xmlrpc’s

As we know python is very easy languages and by the help of that you can easily create cloud application. But are you know that by the help of python you can control WordPress. Yes By the help of python you can control WordPress, which is written in php (hypertext preprocessor) Languages. From Few days i was trying to collapse these both things and finally i found that yes we can do this by the uses of XML-RPC interface and this is python library which help us to interface with WordPress blog.

Python WordPress

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Python for Beginners

Python is a very powerful and simple languages. Python is an interpreted programming language, high-level programming language with dynamic semantics. Its high-level built in data structures, combined with dynamic typing and dynamic binding, make it very attractive for Rapid Application Development. Basically python run interpreter from script. Python syntax are very easy, you can easily remember them. Its a languages which not want any ending tag or any notation like other languages. If you are the beginner in programming and you know C,C++ basic concepts then you can easily understand this languages because it is a very easy language.

Python for beginners

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Publish theme new avatar Xpublish

Today i am representing you a very new look of publish theme. As we know, Publish is a clean minimal WordPress theme, which puts your content on perfect and well structured stage. It’s perfect for single-author blogs and personal blogs. Its responsive layout will make sure that your content is readable on any device and any screen size, from mobile to desktop . Here some snapshot of Xpublish theme….


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