Android: Overdraw, Why Should We Care?

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Recently I am looking for new stuff for you and i found really interesting fact of our android app. Which is very interesting, Have you look it your android app, why it is slow or and crashes happens some time, all those dispute things happen because we are doesn’t carrying about overdraw and CPU using in over app.

Overdraw is a fact of screen color filling cycle, each screen divide into pixels so when we giving color to over screen the android color filler start coloring to screen but it doesn’t remove previous color, you why because we haven’t defined that remove last color and refill it. We are just giving only filling command by which it will only fill the color over the entire color which is wrong. So that when our android app start it will taking time because overdraw is present in our app. Also it will consume 0.78% of our battery . Continue reading “Android: Overdraw, Why Should We Care?”

Yii2.0 Dynamic Model Creation

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As per my previous shared post you have to know what is Yii 2.0 and its awesome features. If you not read these posts please read this and know little bit about Yii2.0 basic(API Web APP) . Today I am sharing you a very new feature of Yii 2.0 which will help us a-lot when we will create REST API in Yii 2.0, You can also learn Yii2.0 REST API creation on my site.

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Magento collection set tip’s and trick

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Today we are discussing Magento tip’s and trick about how to set new collection according to filtration process for Magento pagination. Most of Magento websites wants different-2 filtration for their users by which users will get good results and they will buy their products. So developers are set new collection for that in the list.phtml file of Magento. But after filtration will work but when you print the toolbar bottom query then you will get different query instead of your collection has a different query. so in this part of Magento, I am trying to explain to you how you can do this. Continue reading “Magento collection set tip’s and trick”

Understand Overriding Magento Controller

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Today I’m going to discussing a very cool and best Magento method which is known as overriding. Magento basically base on code pool, where all module/plugin are stored in community and core folder. But when we want to override those modules and all then we are using this awesome process which is known as Magento overriding. Basically, there three types of overriding, First one is class overriding another is a model and the last one is controller overriding and also API(soap type) overriding which is a very new concept which I will share you in my next tut. Continue reading “Understand Overriding Magento Controller”

Magento script for get collection of multiple product id’s data

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As today shared in my magento article, i shared you a query trick by which you will get all sold product data with single query, Now i am going to share you a simple script by which you will get multiple product ids data with single and well optimized code as like collection of array.

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