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Exceeding expectation award

I started my professional life as a software engineer in Ranosys Technologies Pte. Ltd. I attended first quarterly meeting and I saw company giving award to peoples on bases of their hard work and efforts.  I’m surprise that once again prize competition. Actually I haven’t many award, I am always sitting with crowd and clapping for others.

So when I saw this again, I was little bit nerves/sacred because can I compete these persons and prove myself best.      

I started to prove myself best, day by day I started learning new things and addressed to my mistakes, In between all these I got one friend who is too intelligent and his mind is too sharp, he always energetic. His hardworking and energy level always inspired me to gave my best (PS). But I didn’t get award in my next meeting, again I was clapping for others. Same this thing happened again and again. Quarter by Quarter my moral went down and more down. But each quarter I was happy just because I met my expectation level with that I am also happy because I made very good friends, who always supporting me directly and indirectly.

10th Quarterly Meeting :

After completed 2 years the day came in my life, (14/July/2017) when I was not clapping for others, peoples were clapping for me. Finally I got this. I was very happy and I brought sweets(Shahi Ladoo) for my family. Another thing which made me more happy, it was, I saw more proud inside the eyes of lady, which is too important for me , that is my mom.

The day I felt very happy.  But when I went to sleep my heart and mind start thought about all those things.

Suddenly I felt that my heart pluses were biting fast and my mind going to stuck on line. That was really in that time I did hard work. I couldn’t give my best in past work. Again and again I was thinking and I had not slept full night because my mind asking me this question again and again.

It was very helical situation for me because my mind asking me this question again – again. I remember at sharp 4:00 AM I went to drink a glass of water and surprisingly I got the answer.

Answer was my team cum friends (Hitesh, Rohit, Hemlata, Neha, Monika, Shubham) who always supporting me directly indirectly.

Thank you guys. Really

A healthy and stress free environment is the key to unlock golden doors of mind.


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