Android: Overdraw, Why Should We Care?

Recently I am looking for new stuff for you and i found really interesting fact of our android app. Which is very interesting, Have you look it your android app, why it is slow or and crashes happens some time, all those dispute things happen because we are doesn’t carrying about overdraw and CPU using in over app.

Overdraw is a fact of screen color filling cycle, each screen divide into pixels so when we giving color to over screen the android color filler start coloring to screen but it doesn’t remove previous color, you why because we haven’t defined that remove last color and refill it. We are just giving only filling command by which it will only fill the color over the entire color which is wrong. So that when our android app start it will taking time because overdraw is present in our app. Also it will consume 0.78% of our battery . More

Android basic app

Today I’ll tell you how to start with Android. For the readers who are familiar with basics of Java, it will be easier for them as code is written for Android apps requires Java programming. More