Mobile App Using Phonegap

In these days Mobile application is take very important role in our technology . There are many technologies are available in our technology market . So this is very typical for create mobile application for different -different systems , The Phonegap is a solution of this problem, By the help of phonegap you can create your application for any systems like Windows8 , Android, IOS etc. With Simple HTML5 ,JAVA-SCRIPT & CSS3 .


Install PhoneGap In your system 

Before starting building app it’s important to install phonegap in your system. so before installation of phonegap you need to install “npm” .  You think that what is npm a npm is completepackage of node modules . So before installing of phonegap it must be install npm in your system . You can install latest version npm in your system using these commands

You can Check you Node version by this command

After that your system is ready for phonegap insallation. So Copy this command in your terminal/cmd .

Basically you have saw that in phonegap website . He is recommend you use this command $ sudo npm install -g phonegap for phonegap installation but after typing this command these error have came in your terminal window . so this is my own duty to recommend you right command.
Here f means force flag.

Setup Phonegap

After Installation open your terminal/cmd window and type this command


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