Intro Firefox OS & APP Part 1

Hi,Today I am representing a too innovative and awesome company Mobile OS (Operating System), yes you hear right today i representing new Mobile os Firefox OS. We know that Firefox is very popular browser which is developed by Mozilla and now mozilla developers develop a new os, which is first step of mozilla in mobile world. In this article/tut i am explaining you how you will install firefox os and create your own app for your own firefox os…. I’m accepting that in your device you have firefox browser, if you haven’t firefox os then you must need to install firefox browser latest edition, you will install this at FirefoxEDition

firefox os

After install the browser you need to update this …

Linux User

Linux User will update the mozilla using these commands

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-security/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install firefox

Windows Users need to install latest version from Firefox/mozilla Site ……..

Getting Started

  • Installation
  • APP Creation


  • Start Your Firefox Browser
  • Open your Addon
  • Type Firefox OS simulator in your Addon Search Box
  • Click on Add/Download button


APP Creation

Basically for create APP in your firefox os, you need to knowledge about HTML5, CSS, Java-Script. If you have good knowledge about this web development technology then you will easily create applications for firefox os .After that submit your application on firefox app site.. I will explain you firefox app creation in next part…..

Firefox OS Installation from Ajay Maheshwari on Vimeo.


By this way you will install firefox os in your system. In the next part, i will describe you how you will create applications for Firefox OS 🙂

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