Google and Salesforce partnership

Finally, world top two companies unveil partnership done. Each of them is knowing as its best product and those are no need any kind of identification. Their product collaboration not only increases the user ability but also customer product rating itself. Huh, Yes you’re correct I’m talking about Google and Salesforce’s partnership. Some day ago I have heard this news that “Google and Salesforce will thing about the partnership” but as per today TechCrunch news both companies did it. Now User can use its Google analytics data with Salesforce CRM to judge their product value itself.

It is not only with Google Analytics soon you can use other Google product’s with salesforce and i.e Google BigQuery, Google’s data warehouse service as well. So here I would like to share why Salesforce’s thing about this partnership and its strategy as per its blog.

Actually, Salesforce main focus is on delivery the most efficient and reliable thing to its customer. So that Salesforce decided multi-vendor approach which is not only but also best for the customer base. As we know AWS and Google both have lots of data which cloud or order delivery service. So as such type partnership will help them for their product value calculation and money.

How Does it will Support?

After this collaboration, customers will be able to surface powerful customer intelligence seamlessly between G Suite, which is already being used by more than 3.5 million businesses globally, and Salesforce Lightning and Quip, which are redefining CRM for the Fortune 500. And with the Salesforce integration with Google Analytics 360, the first time Google Analytics has integrated with a third party, customers will have incredible insights to deliver the most relevant experience at the right moment.

What thing will we get after this unveils partnership?

  • The companies will offer new integrations that connect Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM platform, with G Suite, Google’s transformative productivity and team collaboration services, enabling customers to surface powerful customer intelligence seamlessly between Salesforce Lightning and Quip and Gmail, Hangouts Meet, Google Calendar, Drive, Docs and Sheets. To enable Salesforce’s more than 150K customers with no charge for up to one year (restrictions apply, see here).
  • The companies will also deeply integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics, seamlessly connecting sales and other’s as well.

That such, first step in a much broader partnership between the two companies and they promise much deeper integration over the coming year including bringing in product specific data and lifetime customer value.

Circular reveal animation on Android

Hey folks, I was looking to make my app Ui/Ux more attractive and fascinated so I used circular revel effect when I was moving one screen to another screen.

1.Let create circular reveal f(n) using ViewAnimationUtils class.

// create the animator for this view (the start radius is zero)
Animator circularReveal = ViewAnimationUtils.createCircularReveal(rootLayout, x, y, 0, finalRadius);
circularReveal.setInterpolator(new AccelerateInterpolator());

2. Add the listener on animation class object and

circularReveal.addListener(new AnimatorListenerAdapter() {
public void onAnimationEnd(Animator animation) {
if (!animation.isRunning())

3. Override the on animation start f(n).

public void onAnimationStart(Animator animation) {
} else {

For further knowledge about class and method check this link.

10+ amazing android app ideas

Some app ideas which are not developed yet. If you are about to start something new then checkout our hot list :

App Ideas

1. Wanted App

Everybody wants to be alerted about the criminals around. In this app, users will be able to see the wanted criminals in their area and whenever they they come close to one. In fact it will hold a database of criminal activities updated by users & professionals. Moreover, they’ll be able to quickly press alert button which would immediately inform the police and show them the location through GPS.

2. Voice-Voice Translation

Talking to another person, speaking foreign language that we don’t know, is impossible. Voice-Voice translation will instantly translate the verbal communication of two people and enable them to interact properly.

3. Selfie Competition

Selfie craze is all over the people everywhere and with selfie competition, one would compete against friends and win certain points to unlock new features that’ll enhance their selfies.

4. Door-to-door

Help You will bring help at the door for every need of the user. By this app, one will be able to call for the desired help like, electrician, plumber, mechanic etc whenever needed.

5. Find this

There should be an app where you can take a picture of what someone is wearing, then it will find where it’s from and you can order it in a click!

6. Motivate me

An app that lets you send and receive positive messages with strangers when you feel disconnected.

7. Show me

An app that lets you know if you’ve been blocked by a person, or if they’re ignoring your texts and calls.

8.   how many time use your phone

9.   medicine delivery

10. An app that works as a weather radar for local rainfall

11. An intelligent reminder app that learns your habits

12. An app that suggests what kind of dinner you can make with the ingredients that you have in the kitchen

You can pick any one of above and create a app world is waiting.  I will post more ideas or also you can share your suggestions with us so that we can list your idea here.

Feeding Server Timing API from ASP.NET Core

There is a number of Web APIs which allow measuring performance of web applications:

The youngest member of the family is Server Timing API which allows communicating the server performance metrics to the client. The API is not widely supported yet, but the Chrome Devtools is able to interpret the information send from the server and expose it as part of request timing information. Let’s see how this feature can be utilized from ASP.NET Core.

Basics of Server Timing API

The Server Timing definition of metric can be represented by following structure.

public struct ServerTimingMetric
    private string _serverTimingMetric;

    public string Name { get; }

    public decimal? Value { get; }

    public string Description { get; }

    public ServerTimingMetric(string name, decimal? value, string description)
        if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(name))
            throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(name));

        Name = name;
        Value = value;
        Description = description;

        _serverTimingMetric = null;

    public override string ToString()
        if (_serverTimingMetric == null)
            _serverTimingMetric = Name;

            if (Value.HasValue)
                _serverTimingMetric = _serverTimingMetric + "=" + Value.Value.ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture);

            if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(Description))
                _serverTimingMetric = _serverTimingMetric + ";\"" + Description + "\"";

        return _serverTimingMetric;

The only required property is name, which means that metric can be used for indication that something has happened without any related duration information.

The metrics are delivered to the client through Server-Timing response header. The header may occur multiple times in the response, which means that multiple metrics can be delivered through multiple headers or as single comma-separated list (or combination of both). A class representing the header value could look like below.

public class ServerTimingHeaderValue
    public ICollection<ServerTimingMetric> Metrics { get; }

    public ServerTimingHeaderValue()
        Metrics = new List<ServerTimingMetric>();

    public override string ToString()
        return String.Join(",", Metrics);

Knowing how to construct the header we can try to feed the Chrome Devtools with some information. First we can write an extension method which will simplify adding header to the response.

public static class HttpResponseHeadersExtensions
    public static void SetServerTiming(this HttpResponse response, params ServerTimingMetric[] metrics)
        ServerTimingHeaderValue serverTiming = new ServerTimingHeaderValue();

        foreach (ServerTimingMetric metric in metrics)

        response.Headers.Append("Server-Timing", serverTiming.ToString());

Now we can create an empty web application and use the extension method for setting some metrics.

public class Startup

    public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)

        app.Run(async (context) =>
                new ServerTimingMetric("cache", 300, "Cache"),
                new ServerTimingMetric("sql", 900, "Sql Server"),
                new ServerTimingMetric("fs", 600, "FileSystem"),
                new ServerTimingMetric("cpu", 1230, "Total CPU")

            await context.Response.WriteAsync("-- Demo.AspNetCore.ServerTiming --");

After hitting F5 and navigating to the demo application in Chrome the metrics should be visible in the Chrome Devtools.

Making it more usable

The above demo shows that Server Timing API works, but from developer perspective we would want an easy way for providing metrics from different places in the application. In case of ASP.NET Core it usually means middleware and service.

The service can be quite simple, it just needs to expose the collection of metrics

public interface IServerTiming
    ICollection<ServerTimingMetric> Metrics { get; }

internal class ServerTiming : IServerTiming
    public ICollection<ServerTimingMetric> Metrics { get; }

    public ServerTiming()
        Metrics = new List<ServerTimingMetric>();

The important part is that metrics needs to be collected per request. This can be achieved by properly scoping the service at registration.

public static class ServerTimingServiceCollectionExtensions
    public static IServiceCollection AddServerTiming(this IServiceCollection services)
        services.AddScoped<IServerTiming, ServerTiming>();

        return services;

The missing part is the middleware which will set the Server-Timing header with the metrics gathered by the service. The tricky part is that the header value should be set as late as possible (so there is a chance for other components in pipeline to provide metrics). Setting the header value before invoking next step in pipeline would be usually to early while trying to do so after that might result in error as headers could have already been sent to client. The solution to this challenge is HttpResponse.OnStarting method which allows adding a delegate which will be invoked just before sending the response headers.

public class ServerTimingMiddleware
    private readonly RequestDelegate _next;

    private static Task _completedTask = Task.FromResult<object>(null);

    public ServerTimingMiddleware(RequestDelegate next)
        _next = next ?? throw new ArgumentNullException(nameof(next));

    public Task Invoke(HttpContext context)

        return _next(context);

    private void HandleServerTiming(HttpContext context)
        context.Response.OnStarting(() => {
            IServerTiming serverTiming = context.RequestServices.GetRequiredService<IServerTiming>();

            if (serverTiming.Metrics.Count > 0)

            return _completedTask;

Below is the same demo as previously but based on middleware and service. The result is exactly the same, but now the service is accessible through DI which allows for easy gathering of metrics.

public class Startup
    public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

    public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)

            .Run(async (context) =>
                IServerTiming serverTiming = context.RequestServices

                serverTiming.Metrics.Add(new ServerTimingMetric("cache", 300, "Cache"));
                serverTiming.Metrics.Add(new ServerTimingMetric("sql", 900, "Sql Server"));
                serverTiming.Metrics.Add(new ServerTimingMetric("fs", 600, "FileSystem"));
                serverTiming.Metrics.Add(new ServerTimingMetric("cpu", 1230, "Total CPU"));

                await context.Response.WriteAsync("-- Demo.AspNetCore.ServerTiming --");

It is important to remember that it is the server who is in full control of which metrics are communicated to the client and when, which may mean that the middle ware (or metrics gathering) should be used conditionally.

PC/Internet Tricks

101 Amazing PC / Internet Tricks no one told you before


You Can Search Google Timer In Google For A Timer With Alarm


Search This In Google For Direct Mp3 Links

intitle:index.of?mp3 Your song name here


Use Your Chrome Browser As Notepad Quickly.


Just copy the text below to the address Bar.

data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

Note: You can also bookmark this to use it anytime.


View Hidden Password  In Browser




Visit To See How Google View You  Http://Google.Com/Ads/Preferences

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Rename Subtitle File Same As Movie Name And VLC Will Load Subtitle Automatically Every Time You Open Movie


Rename the subtitle file same as movie name (Kept in same folder) and you do not need to load subtitle everytime you play the movie.

In Your PC Just Create A Folder With The Name Given Below And Access Everything




To Undo An Undo Just Press CTRL+Y


Do You Know You Can Play Mp3, Movie Directly On Chrome Browser, Just Drag Files In Chrome Window


Check A Website Is Safe To Visit Or Not By Changing Red Letter By Website Domain Name


When Signing On Not So Useful Website , Use Disposable Temporary Email Services To Avoid Spam


AppInventor– Learn Or Develop Android Apps/Games With Very Little Or No Programming Knowledge For Free –MIT App Inventor.


Delete Your Account Permanently From Famous Websites


Check If Your Email Is A Part Of The Famous Hacking Leaks


Note: See 100 More Useful Websites Like this

Convert YouTube Videos To Gif By Adding Gif Before Yotube In Url



Avoid Accidental Closing Of Tab At Chrome, Pin Them



Closed A Tab Accidentally , Undo With Ctrl + Shift + T To Get It Back.


Forget Where You Parked , Just Try This ..

Paste Image URL Directly To Open It And Edit In Paint



To Access Your Address Bar Directly: Press F6 Or Ctrl + L


Do You Know Google Translate Can Be Your Free Proxy


JoinHoney.Com Automatically Apply Coupon Codes For You To Save While Shopping Online



Getting Redirected To Country Specific Google Search Page. Try Http://Google.Com/Ncr To Avoid This


Visit Https://Www.Google.Com/Sky/ To Explore Space

Hack And Start Using  Airport Wi-Fi By Adding “?.Jpg” At The End Of Any URL


Delete One Word At One Time By CTRL+ Backspace


When Shopping Online Esp. Airline , Hotel Tickets, Use Incognito Mode On Your Browser, Because The Prices Will Tend To Increase As You Visit The Page Repeatedly


Send SMS Online (USA Only)

  • Alltel:
  • Amp’d Mobile:
  • AT&T:
  • AT&T: (pictures, text may work)
  • Boost Mobile:
  • Cingular:
  • Cricket:
  • Einstein PCS:
  • Nextel:
  • Sprint:
  • SunCom:
  • T-mobile:
  • VoiceStream:
  • US Cellular: (text)
  • US Cellular: (pictures)
  • Verizon: (text)
  • Verizon: (pictures)
  • Virgin:


If You Want To Avoid Someone On Your Phone But Do Not Want To Reveal That You Have Switched Off Your Phone, Remove The Battery, Instead Of Switching It Off. Switching Off Phone Will Notify Mobile Switching Centre And Callers Will Receive The Switched Off Notification.


Lost Your Android Phone? You Can Ring Your Phone Even If It Is In Silent Mode, Erase Data, Or Lock Your Smartphone Remotely Using Android Device Manager.


Just Search Find My Phone In Google To Locate Your Phone Instantly


While Travelling Open Http://En.Wikipedia.Org/Wiki/Special:Nearby In Your Phone To Read Articles Based On Your Location


You Can Create A Book With Cool Index Page And Contents From A Wikipedia Article


Bored ! Go To Google Images And Search Atari Breakout


Bored Again Search The Words Below In Google

  • do a barrel roll
  • tilt
  • Google in 1998
  • zerg rush
  • Pacman
  • blink html


Shake The Yotube By Searching Do The Harlem Shake On Youtube


Use You Calculator For EMI Calculation And Many More Stuff


Just Do Shift + Esc TO Start Chrome’s Inbuilt Task Manager


To Close A Tab Just Do A Middle Click On It.


 Open Task Manager  In Windows Directly Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc


Just Shake The Current Active Window By Mouse To Minimize Everything Else


To Capture Exact Steps , Windows Has A Free Screen Recorder For You, Search Psr In Your Computer


To Share Your Wi-Fi Access With Your Friends Coming To Your House : Generate A QR Code With The Access Details. Print It And Stick It On The Wall.


YouTube Hotkeys

  • To pause a video: Press K.
  • To skip 10 seconds back and forward: Press J and L respectively.


When Visiting Any Video On Youtube Replace Youtube With Following Things Given In Video Url To See The Magic

  1.  Just Replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the audio of the video.
    Just Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar  to download the video in any quality available.
  2. Just Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your address bar  to bypass age restriction.
  3. Just Replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar and you won’t see ads.
  4. Just Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar to repeat the video automatically .
  5. Just Replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar to convert video into gif format .


Feeling Alone , Visit Coffitivity.Com For  Morning Murmur

Exceeding expectation award

I started my professional life as a software engineer in Ranosys Technologies Pte. Ltd. I attended first quarterly meeting and I saw company giving award to peoples on bases of their hard work and efforts.  I’m surprise that once again prize competition. Actually I haven’t many award, I am always sitting with crowd and clapping for others.

So when I saw this again, I was little bit nerves/sacred because can I compete these persons and prove myself best.       Continue reading

Yii2.0 Dynamic Model Creation

As per my previous shared post you have to know what is Yii 2.0 and its awesome features. If you not read these posts please read this and know little bit about Yii2.0 basic(API Web APP) . Today I am sharing you a very new feature of Yii 2.0 which will help us a-lot when we will create REST API in Yii 2.0, You can also learn Yii2.0 REST API creation on my site.

Continue reading

Understand Overriding Magento Controller

Today I’m going to discussing a very cool and best Magento method which is known as overriding. Magento basically base on code pool, where all module/plugin are stored in community and core folder. But when we want to override those modules and all then we are using this awesome process which is known as Magento overriding. Basically, there three types of overriding, First one is class overriding another is a model and the last one is controller overriding and also API(soap type) overriding which is a very new concept which I will share you in my next tut. Continue reading

Magento script for get collection of multiple product id’s data

As today shared in my magento article, i shared you a query trick by which you will get all sold product data with single query, Now i am going to share you a simple script by which you will get multiple product ids data with single and well optimized code as like collection of array.

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