Yii2 base Rest API Creation

As i shared in my previous article that Yii2 framework hold all power of php with quite good modifications. Today i am going to explain you how you can make your web service using Yii2 core functions and provided libraries.

Without any web services mobile application is same as like a human which has not any soul.


Yii2 based web application

After a long time i’m going to write a tut for you. Today i am just trying  to explain you how you can build your web application using Yii2 PHP framework. We know that Yii2 is stand for ‘Yes it is’, by the help of this framework developer can build his/her web application easily without face any problem.

This is not only a framework, this is the real soul of php with quite good modifications.


Two Best WordPress Themes For Blogging

A blogging website will be popular by the content of the site which is written by author and all that. But Looking of your website is also very important, is your content are not organize properly then no one like your website. So that today i am posting two WordPress themes reviews in this post… More

Use Google technology according to you

As we know , Google is one of the powerful and innovative company. Not only this is a simple search but also it has ability to search huge amounting searching abilities. Google is also providing us many facilities and some of those are  gmail, google+ and google drive etc. On Google drive we can easily do any office job as like doc creating, excel file making etc.. But have you know that you can use google technology according your work, My mean is that you can easily combine two or more technology and make your system for any work. Today in this tutorial i am sharing my college caution money system example . Let see this


Make your own free website with .tk Domain

There are many ways to create free website on internet. But if we want to make our website with wordpress and all these thing than we have two option. One is to buy our personal domain name and another is to go at http://wordpress.com website and make free sub-domain website.  In first case we will need spend some money to buy to domain name and some for hosting and in second option we get domain sub-domain. Our website address will look like http://sub-domainname.wordpress.com . But I have one alternative way by which you can easily create your free website with .tk domain . Let see how can we will do this.


Just find your smart phone on Google search

After a long time i’m writing a new post friends, Hopefully you will like this. Today as mentioned in news that we can find our android device with help of Google omnibox(search box). Every day we are putting our phone in many place then it quit possible to loss this by mistake, so its a simple trick by which we can easily find our smart phone with Google search.


10 Common Commands of Linux

There are many distribution of linux is available in market and you will download these at free of cost(open-source). But before using these Operating system you will need to know some common commands of these distributions, if you are beginner and you want to know more about linux and there commands concept then it will be helped you to understand this, more often it will give you control linux with GUI commands line interface (CLI)…


object-fit CSS3

Images and video are the most important stuffs for any website, But one of the big problem with this is to maintain the aspect ratio of it. When we create a box like 100×100 and image ratio is small then it is very difficult to maintain image pixels,while we want to good pixels quality picture we will need to calculate the images ratio properly. So in that object-fit is one of the most good and advance property of CSS3. Let See how we can use this…