Future Of Mobile App Engineering

High performing and quality apps take a lot to develop using an old “native” way of coding in comparison with using cross-platform technology that provides faster deployment almost without compromise the performance.

What is React Native?

In 2015, Facebook announced and open sourced React Native; it was already being used internally for their mobile engineering. React Native is a framework for building native mobile apps using React. This means you can use a best-in-class JavaScript library (React) to build your native mobile user interfaces.

The most part, this had to do with performance and the absence of first-class Android support. What we did 

Growing popularity

Understandably, developers don’t want to invest the little time they have to learn a technology that has a good chance of becoming obsolete soon. But it takes just one look at Google Trends to understand that the interest in React Native is as strong as ever.

Many fortune companies are using it for their startups business, including famous brands or social media companies like Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Uber, Walmart, Wix.com, and others. 

Why do we select React Native?

When choosing technology for your app first, you ask yourself how long will this tach last. Who is behind it and would it be possible to accomplish what you want?

Since Facebook engineering supports React Native, it has a sizeable developing community to back it. This community along with Facebook is continually improving the framework, setting advanced goals and promising the constant technology upgrades. So, for now, you don’t have to be worried that React Native will disappear soon, it can just get better.

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019, React is the most famous framework on which many developers are working and asking questions.

How is it better compared to Native Development?

The UI is flawless when building with React Native as it uses native widgets. Along with JavaScript, it can run the most complex apps smoothly, outperforming even the real native apps. That is why developing apps with React Native is possible even for robust enterprise apps.


Functions & Predefined Functions

Function is very important , because it reduces the program length . Function is a complete bunch of instructions . In javascript some predefined function are also available for your help, in this post i explain you how to declare function in javascript and also some predefined functions .

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Operators & Control structure

In this post i try to explain you javascript operators and control structure . Operators are very helpful for programmer , because it helps to programmer to solve arithmetic& logical problems like addition, subtraction, division etc. and also control structure help to control the flow of program.


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Variables & Data types

Variables are very important part of any language, because variable store the value which define by user one time and by the help of variable you can call this value and also data types are very much important ,because it tells to compiler/ interpreter/encoder about variable type ; which helps to encoder/compiler to understand the value and its required bit/byte.


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JavaScript OverView

Javascript is very cool and interesting language. By the help of this language you can create your own desktop application & games . Basically javascript is used in creation of dynamic website and in this tutorial i will give you basic programming & concepts of javascript language . Basically javascript is a scripting language, before starting javascript you must know about what is scripting and what is client side & server side scripting .


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Javascript Guide

This is not a tutorial ; this is basic guide about javascript and it will guide you about basic programming concepts of java script language and will help you to get command in it and also it will help you to make your website more creative and dynamic .This guide explains basic to basic part of javascript .

Guide of javascript

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